At Keio Plaza Hotel Sky Lounge “Aurora”, original cocktails using our product
Blue Sake “SEILAN” have been offered from June 1st (Wednesday).

Mr. Shun Kosaka, a bartender at Keio Plaza Hotel Sky Lounge “Aurora” who won the 4th Authentic Shochu & Awamori Cocktail Competition, conceive it and named it “Suzulan (涼藍)” after a cool image and the character of “indigo” of Kanji.

Poured into a bowl of Arita ware with a heavy feeling, the cocktail “Suzulan” is dyed in a red mauve color like a creek at dusk. The Perilla scattered on top of it are like lily of the valley scattered in the clear stream.
I am intoxicated for a while by the sight of the beautiful scenery of Japan.

The base “SEILAN” is characterized by a refreshing and cool taste of Ginjo sake and a beautiful indigo color derived from herbs.
There, the abundant aroma of dry vermouth reminiscent of a Martini and the refreshing Japanese sense of yuzu and Perilla are beautifully fused.

In the depths of the clear taste like the clean brook from a cool spring, you can enjoy the harmony of rich aromas that overlap many layers.

A fusion of Japanese and Western, the cocktail “Suzulan” is like a work of art.